Who Is The Most Powerful Character Ever In Naruto?

Here are the top 20 strongest characters in Naruto, not including the Otsutsuki clan:

  1. Naruto Uzumaki
  2. Sasuke Uchiha
  3. Hashirama Senju- he was Asura’s reincarnate, he is the only person ever to naturally use wood style, he fought for 24hours straight, defeated tailed beasts with relative ease. He is truly unmatched. (Without boosters)
  4. Madara Uchiha- Second only to Hashirama, still has yet to be matched see above.
  5. Tobirama Senju- Killed Izuna Uchiha whom was the brother of Madara, at the time Izuna was equal to Madara
  6. Izuna Uchiha- Second strongest member of the Uchiha at the time of his death, had the Mangekyo Sharingan.
  7. Minato Namikaze- The Fourth Hokage, the only people in the show stronger than him and able to beat him are the ones above.
  8. Hanzo- A truly legendary Shinobi, so strong that Jiraiya was very shocked he had been killed. He was able to dub three other ninja, the “Sanin”
  9. 3rd Raikage- Most powerful Raikage ever. Fought the Eight Tails to a stand still.
  10. Jiraiya- Sage Mode, lots of jutsu, lots of chakra. One of the theee Sanin of the leaf
  11. Hiruzen Sarutobi- Third Hokage, hailed as a god of Shinobi, truly unmatched in jutsu prowess.
  12. Itachi Uchiha- Able to easily handle Kakashi and was able to kill Sasuke despite being sick. (Although he wasn’t trying to kill Sasuke) and he has the best Mangekyo in the show.
  13. Shisui Uchiha- Supposedly had better genjutsu than Itachi, at one point he was stronger than him tho I think if he stayed alive Itachi would have become smaller.
  14. Tsunade- One of the Sanin see above.
  15. Orochimaru- One of the Sanin see above.
  16. Sakumo Hatake- Power level said to have made the the Sanin look weak, see above. Also he earned the nickname “The White Fang” for his proficient use with his sword.
  17. Second Mizukage- Gengetsu Hozuki (did I spell that right) was able to kill the Second Tsuchikage albeit at the cost of his life. He weilded extremely powerful jutsu including a strong genjutsu.
  18. Second Tsuchikage- Was able to kill the second Mizukage albeit he was killed as well. He was a sensory type ninja who was undetectable, that’s scary.
  19. Third Kazekage- Said to be the strongest ninja in the history of the hidden sand. Created iron release jutsu.
  20. Pain- Real name Nagato, part Uzumaki part savage, he weilded the Rinnegan with great strength. Incredible Shinobi.

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