Who is the most attractive female character in Naruto?

Here’s the most beautiful female character in Naruto shippuden:

  1. Karui- shes actually really pretty. her eyes match up perfectly with her dark skin tone
  2. Hinata- got a huge glow up in shippuden
  3. Guren- gives me bad girl vibes.
  4. Tenten- cute voice and hair
  5. Mabui- she is that “hot” assistant
  6. Tsunade Senju- two words: 106 cm
  7. Anko Mitarashi- she got a glow down in boruto (but i mean everybody kinda did)
    3, Kurenai Yuhi- she is so underrated like shes really pretty
  8. Ino Yamanaka- I would put her at number one with her hair not covering her eyes, like her blue eyes look so pretty and that crop to and ponytail.
  9. Temari Nara- Our baddie queen is pretty asf. shikamaru and temari both hot asf.
  10. Sakura (My Fav)

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