Vocabulary List For Better Writing: You Need To Know

» And: In addition to, besides, additionally, likewise, plus, furthermore, moreover, next, additionally.

» Or: Else, otherwise, alternatively, instead, as a substitute.

» But: On the other hand, then again, on the contrary, in contrast, however, then again, in spite of that, nonetheless, instead, even so, alternatively.

» Because: Given that, as, since, for the reason that.

» Hence: Thus, so, likewise, therefore, consequently, that is why, for this reason, above and beyond.

» Then: Next, after that, it follows that, followed by, subsequently, afterward/afterwards, therefore.

» In fact: As a matter of fact, actually, in reality, essentially, in truth, indeed, in effect,  in operation.

» Begin: Start, initiate, commence, originate, create, instigate, activate, launch, open.

» Conclude: To sum up, wrap up, deduce, to draw a conclusion.

» Exemplify: Illustrate, demonstrate, represent, embody, epitomise, show.

» Agree: Consent, approve, concur, harmonise, be in accord, endorse, support, back up.

» Disagree: Deny, refute, reject, repudiate, renounce, abjure, contradict, disapprove, oppose.

» Rise: Increase, grow, go up, mount, ascend, upsurge, spread, intensify, develop, climb, get higher. 

» Arise: Develop, evolve, happen, occur, take place, appear.

» Decline: Reject, decrease, diminish, refuse, minimise, fall, lessen, turn down.

» Vary: Differ, fluctuate, diverge, show a discrepancy, change, alter, contrast.

» Do: Carry out, accomplish, perform, act, take action, take steps, play a part, execute, act upon, produce a result.

» Utilize: Make use of, draw on, benefit from, amplify, take advantages of, make the most of, capitalise on, maximise.

» Achieve: Accomplish, attain, complete, bring out, get, reach, do.

» Fail: Be unsuccessful, abort, end, terminate.

» Compete: Rivalry, antagonism, contest, fight, battle, resist, thrash about, retaliate, brawl, stand up for.

» Help: Aid, assist, support, lend a hand, abet.

» Need: Demand, want, require, necessitate, requirement, requisite, fundamental, destitution.

» Good:  Fine, superior, excellent, decent, high quality, first class, moral, upright, noble, worthy, pleasant, delightful, advantageous, useful, fair, benefit.

» Bad: Terrible, awful, dreadful, ghastly, evil, wicked, poor, inferior, flawed, troublesome, mischievous,  regretful, guilty, injurious,  harmful, adverse, rotten, rancid.

» Beautiful: Lovely, pretty, gorgeous, splendid, magnificent, attractive, good-looking,  attractive, charming, exquisite, cute, appealing, nice looking, sweet, elegant, striking, stunning, dazzling, grand, superb, wonderful, astounding, superb, fabulous.

More Vocabulary List For Better Writing

  • very rich –  wealthy, affluent.
  • very poor – destitute, impoverished.
  • very simple – basic, primary.
  • very often – frequently, regularly.
  • very shy – timid, withdrawn.
  • very noisy – deafening.
  • very old – ancient.
  • very short – brief, concise.
  • very sad – sorrowful, grieved.
  • very old-fashioned – archaic.
  • very serious – grave.
  • very sharp – keen, well-honed.
  • very shiny –  gleaming.
  • very open – transparent, translucent.
  • very scary – chilling.
  • very scared – petrified, terrified.
  • very painful – excruciating, agonizing.
  • very rainy – pouring.
  • very pale – ashen.
  • very perfect – flawless, impeccable.
  • very powerful – compelling.
  • very pretty – beautiful.
  • very quick – rapid.

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