Top High Schools in Georgia (USA)

SchoolStudents/TeachersPer Pupil Expenditures (2021)Ranking (2022 vs 2019)
Rank (of 409)SchoolGradesDistrict
1Gwinnett School of Mathematics- Science and Technology9-12Gwinnett County
2North Oconee High School9-12Oconee County
3Alliance Academy for Innovation9-12Forsyth County
4Northview High School9-12Fulton County
5Jefferson High School9-12Jefferson City
6Walton High School9-12Cobb County
7Columbus High School9-12Muscogee County
8Chattahoochee High School9-12Fulton County
9Savannah Arts Academy9-12Savannah-Chatham County
10Academy For Classical EducationK-12State Charter Schools II- Academy For Classical Education

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