Top 10 Strongest Female Characters In Naruto Shippuden

My favorite 10 strongest female characters in naruto shippuden:

  1. Kaguya- For obvious reasons.
  2. Tsunade Senju(5th Hokage)- I was really tempted to put Sakura at no. 2 because I feel she surpassed Tsunade by the end of the war but that seemed a bit ambitious. I had to think about the contest between Mei and Tsunade and based on their showings I just couldn’t see Mei coming out ahead.
  3. Mei Terumi(5th Mizukage)- Obviously very powerful(though underused and mishandled as a character in my opinion). Mei, along with the other kage, went toe-to-toe with Madara and she almost killed a weakened Sasuke which was fun to watch.
  4. Konan- Also an underutilized character. She showed her amazing potential when given prep-time nearly killing Obito(though arguably he let her push him to that point). Partners with Pain himself, she was no joke and I feel she deserves to be on this list. We didn’t get to see enough of her to determine her strength relative to the kage, but she is still undeniably powerful.
  5. Yugito Nii(2-tails Jinchuuriki)- A personal favorite. Yugito had total control over Matatabi and was clearly very powerful. She was confident enough to think she could kill two members of the Akatsuki. Though she was wrong, to me this proved she was likely highly skilled. She’s under Konan because I feel Konan is stronger than Hidan and, in my view, as strong as Kakuzu(who didn’t even interfere in the capture of the two-tails).
  6. Sakura Haruno- Also a favorite. Again, I believe she surpassed Tsunade by the end of shippuden. She has several feats, including, of course, mastering the 100-healings technique. Although Tsunade has more experience, I feel Sakura is an otherwise better version of Tsunade and that alone earns her a spot here.
  7. Temari- One of the strongest ninja in Sumokagure, Temari is very powerful. One of the few ninja able to hit Madara with one of her attacks. She is serious business. She can tear up whole battlefields, need I say more?
  8. Chiyo- One of the greatest puppet-masters, Chiyo was dangerous even in her 70’s. She has the Chikamastu puppets and was the main player in the battle against Sasori. She was also reanimated because she’s a beast.
  9. Kurosuchi- The eminent Tsuchikage, Kurosuchi is also very powerful, though she doesn’t have many showings in shippuden. She was Onoki’s bodyguard at the Five Kage Summit. Had some good showings in the war.
  10. Fuu- She was a jinchuuriki. Showed some skill battling Naruto and Bee while reanimated. Though I’d imagine she is nowhere near the strength of Yugito, with Chomei she is immediately on a different playing field than most other shinobi.

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