English Vocabulary For Bank Exams: Most 50 Important Words

vocabulary for bank exams

1. Modalities (noun): A Specific mode in which something is expressed or is experienced something existsSynonym: methods, procedures, processes, approachesAntonym: Chaos, anarchy, differencesSentence: The bureaucrats are the persons who work out the modalities after an agreement is signed by countries on an international forum. 2. Cognizant (adjective): Having knowledge or awarenessSynonym: Aware, conscious, apprised, informed, observantAntonym: Ignorant, indifferent, senselessSentence: She is cognizant of … Read more

Most Impressive Vocabulary For Everyday Use

Top Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning

Aberration: (n) something that differs from the norm Abhor: (v) to hate, detest Acquiesce: (v) to agree without protesting Alacrity: (n) eagerness, speed Amiable: (adj) friendly Appease: (v) to calm, satisfy Arcane: (adj) obscure, secret, known only by a few Avarice: (n) excessive greed Brazen: (adj) excessively bold, brash, clear and obvious Brusque: (adj) short, abrupt, dismissive Cajole: (v) to urge, coax Callous: (adj) harsh, cold, unfeeling … Read more

Top Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning: Let’s Know

Most Impressive Vocabulary

People generally understand 90% of everyday English conversation, which means around 2500 to 3000 words are part of your daily routine. You encounter these words in English newspapers, magazines, articles or use them in the workplace. Therefore it becomes essential to learn the right English words. It will be effective as you won’t have to … Read more