Most Important IELTS Writing Task 1 Map Vocabulary List


  • building
  • housing
  • business
  • region
  • forest
  • river
  • lake
  • entrance
  • exit
  • road
  • bridge
  • complex
  • district
  • facility


  • larger
  • smaller
  • longer
  • shorter
  • urban
  • rural
  • crowded
  • broad
  • narrow


  • north
  • east
  • south
  • west
  • northeast
  • southwest


  • left
  • right
  • above
  • below
  • inside
  • around
  • adjacent
  • near
  • opposite
  • across from

Words that Describe Actions and Change

  • built
  • constructed
  • replaced
  • extended
  • removed
  • expanded
  • demolished
  • renovated
  • newly
  • mostly
  • significant
  • substantial

Cardinal Directions:

  1. The forest to the south of the river was completely cut down.
  2. A school was constructed to the north-east of the station.
  3. The houses in the south-west of the town were demolished to make space for the new car park.
  4. The green fields to the south-west of the hospital were redeveloped as a park.
  5. The airport in the centre of the city was relocated to the north-east of the river.
  6. The school to the south-east was knocked down and a new one was built to the north of the forest.

Prepositions of place

You will also have to use prepositions of place, e.g. at/in/on/by/beside/to/of/from/…, to describe where the things are.


  1. Dramatic changes took place in the village centre.
  2. To the south of the town, there is a recreational park surrounded by trees.
  3. A new playground was built next to the swimming pool.
  4. The old road running from north to south was replaced by a brand new motorway.
  5. A completely new marina was built on the river banks.


  1. Demolished: The industrial estate was demolished and developed into a sports ground by the local community.
  2. Knocked-down: The shops were knocked-down and replaced with a skyscraper.
  3. Flattened: The factory in the city centre was flattened and relocated to the north of the city.
  4. Replaced with: The old warehouses were replaced with new hotels.
  5. Renovated: The old buildings were completely renovated.
  6. Built: A new factory was built north of the residential area.
  7. Constructed: A harbor was constructed at the edge of the river.
  8. Reconstructed: The school was completely reconstructed after the passing of the hurricane.
  9. Developed into: the industrial estate was demolished and developed into a sports ground by the local community.
  10. Extended: The school was extended by adding 2 more buildings.
  11. Expanded: The residential area expanded south-east by constructing 3 more homes.
  12. Relocated to: The factory in the city centre was flattened and relocated to the north of the city.
  13. Converted into: The factory was converted into apartments.
  14. Modernized: The infrastructure was modernized by converting the dirt roads into concrete streets.  

Trees and Forests:

  1. Cleared: The trees were cleared to make way for a new residential area.
  2. Cut-down: The forest was cut-down and made space for a shopping centre.
  3. Chopped-down: The forest was entirely chopped-down to make way for a new highway.
  4. Removed: Some of the trees were removed to build a new playground.
  5. Planted: A new forest was planted west of the factory

Roads, Bridges and Railway lines:

  1. Constructed: A new railroad was constructed next to the village.
  2. Built: A new bridge was built to replace the old one.
  3. Extended: The main road was extended and a new bridge built over the river.
  4. Expanded to: The main road was expanded to the north to connect to the other town.
  5. Removed: The railway lines were removed and replaced by a metro line.

Leisure facilities:

  1. Opened: A brand new sports centre opened just north of the school.
  2. Set up: A brand new skate park was set up close to the swimming pool.
  3. Developed: A playground was developed next to the school.

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