How To See Who Invited Someone To A Discord Server Bot

There is no way to see who invited someone to a Discord server using a bot. The only way to do this would be to ask the person who invited the person in question, or to ask an administrator on the server.

How Do You Check Who Invited Who To A Discord Server?

There is no way to check who invited who to a Discord server.

Does Discord Say Who Invited Someone?

Yes, Discord does say who invited someone.
If you go to Server Settings > Overview, there is a section called “Bans, Invites, and Members”. If you click on “Invites”, it will show you a list of all the people who have been invited to the server, as well as when they were invited and how many times they have been invited.

Can A Discord Bot Invite People?


No, a Discord BOT cannot invite people.
Bots can only be invited by other users with the “Manage Server” permission.

What Does Invite Tracker Bot Do?

The invite tracker bot helps you keep track of your Discord server’s invite activity.

It can track how many people have joined your server via an invite, and it can also track how many people have been invited to join your server.

How Long Do Discord Invites Last?

Discord invites last for 24 hours.

Can People See When I Joined Discord?

No, people cannot see when you joined Discord.
The only way someone could tell when you joined Discord is if they looked through your user profile, which is only visible to you and the Discord staff.

Can A Discord Bot Create An Invite Link?

Yes, a Discord bot can create an invite link.

Discord has an official API that allows bots to create invite links.

How Do I Reset Discord Invite Bot?

There is no specific way to reset a Discord invite bot. However, you can try restarting the bot or deleting the bot’s files and starting fresh.

Can People See When I Joined Discord?

No, people cannot see when you joined Discord.
The only people who can see that information are the Discord staff members.

How Long Do Discord Invites Last?

Discord invites last for 24 hours.

How do you make a Discord server?

You can make a Discord server by going to the Discord website and clicking on the “Create a Server” button.

How Do I Find My Discord Audit Log?

To find your Discord audit log, you will need to go to your Discord server settings and click on the “Audit Log” option.
If you do not see the “Audit Log” option, it means that your Discord server does not have this feature enabled.

How Do I Delete An Invite On Discord?

To delete an invite on Discord, right-click on the invite and select “Delete Invite.”

What Discord Bot Has Logs?

There are many Discord bots that have logging capabilities. Some popular logging bots include Mee6, Dyno, and Logger.
For a full list of logging bots, please visit:

Can Mods See Deleted Messages Discord?

No, mods cannot see deleted messages.
When a message is deleted, it is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Can Audit Logs Be Deleted Discord?

Yes, audit logs can be deleted on Discord.

To delete an audit log, you will need to have the “Manage Server” permission. Then, you can go to the “Server Settings” page and click on the “Audit Logs” tab. From there, you can click on the “Delete” button next to the log that you want to delete.

Does Discord Ip Ban?

Yes, Discord can IP ban users. ” +
“If a user violates the Discord Terms of Service or Guidelines, the user may face a temporary or permanent ban. ” +
“Bans can be applied to both user accounts and IP addresses. “);

What Is Discord Server Limit?

There is no limit to the number of servers you can create on Discord.

You can create as many servers as you want, as long as you have the resources to support them.

Do Pictures Expire On Discord?

No, pictures do not expire on Discord.
Pictures that are uploaded to Discord can be stored forever unless they are manually deleted by a user.

How Old Is Discord?

Discord is a chat app for gamers that is about four years old.
Discord was created in 2015 by Jason Citron, who also co-founded the gaming company OpenFeint.

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