How Long Can You Get Phone Records From Verizon

Verizon typically keeps phone records for between one and two years.

How Long Does Verizon Retain Cell Phone Records?


Verizon retains cell phone records for a period of 18 months.

In some cases, Verizon may retain cell phone records for a longer period of time if required by law or if the records are relevant to an ongoing investigation.

How Do I See Old Call History On Verizon?

You can see your old call history on Verizon by logging into your account and going to the call history section.

You can also view your old call history by contacting customer service and requesting a copy of your call history.

How Long Does Verizon Keep Phone Records For Subpoenas?

Verizon keeps phone records for subpoenas for a minimum of 18 months.
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How Far Back Can Cell Phone Records Be Retrieved?

Cell phone records can be retrieved for a period of up to one year.

Can I Get A Transcript Of Text Messages From Verizon?


Verizon does not keep a transcript of text messages.
You can view your text message history online by logging into your Verizon account.

Can I Get Phone Records From 2 Years Ago?

It is possible to get phone records from two years ago, but it may be difficult or impossible depending on the phone company and the records requested.

Can Verizon Print Out Call History?

Verizon does not print out call history.
You can view your call history online by logging into your My Verizon account.

Can I See My Husbands Texts On Verizon?

No, you cannot see your husband’s texts on Verizon.

You can, however, view your husband’s text messages through a third-party application. There are a number of applications that will allow you to view your husband’s text messages.

How Do I Get Call And Text Records From Verizon?

There is no way to get call and text records from Verizon.
The only way to get records of calls and texts is to either have the phone with you and look through the call/text history, or to have a third party app that tracks your calls and texts.

Can Verizon Recover Deleted Text Messages?

Verizon cannot recover deleted text messages.
Text messages are stored on your phone, not on your Sim. Even if you copy/backup your Sim, your text messages will still be lost.

How Far Back Does Verizon Keep Text Records?

Verizon keeps text records for up to one year.

Do Phone Records Show Text Messages?

Phone records may show text messages depending on the phone carrier and type of phone plan.

For example, AT&T stores text messages for up to 7 days, while Verizon keeps them for up to 3 months.

How Far Back Can Text Messages Go?

Text messages can go as far back as the date when you first started using your phone.

However, most phone companies only keep records of text messages for a limited time, such as three to six months.

How Far Back Can Text Messages Be Retrieved Verizon?

Text messages can be retrieved from Verizon for up to 90 days.
After 90 days, the messages are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

How Long Do Cell Phone Companies Keep Call Records?

Cell phone companies typically keep call records for between three and five years.

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