Top Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning: Let’s Know

People generally understand 90% of everyday English conversation, which means around 2500 to 3000 words are part of your daily routine. You encounter these words in English newspapers, magazines, articles or use them in the workplace. Therefore it becomes essential to learn the right English words.

It will be effective as you won’t have to waste your time memorizing the huge list of words which give you very little benefit. With this list, you can improve your English speaking and writing skills. Moreover, you can use these words with confidence and be fully functional.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning:

  1. Ability: Their hypothesis is that watching excessive amounts of television reduces a person’s ability to concentrate.
  2. Accomplish: It’s sailing history in the making and I find it amazing that she has managed to accomplish it.
  3. Accurate: The results of this study indicate that these subjects were more accurate in predicting their obesity than their aerobic fitness level.
  4. Achievement: He is a special player and setting a World Cup record is a marvelous achievement.
  5. Acknowledge: I looked up, right at him, and didn’t smile, wave, or even acknowledge him in any way.
  6. Admire: I adore, admire and revere their faith, their endurance, their agonizing love for God.
  7. Balance: Action potential generation in inhibitory interneurons is critical for cortical excitation-inhibition balance.
  8. Basic: The cell theory states that cells are the basic unit of structure and function of living things.
  9. Beautiful: Yes, that’s it, this is the serotinal issue! Where does the time go? It was such a beautiful summer.
  10. Behavior: I don’t think it’s a sickness that causes somebody to engage in aberrant behavior.
  11. Believe: He really did believe that poetry could handle everything the novel could handle.
  12. Benefit: An illiterate woman, Mai-Chen’s wife is not gainstayed the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Calculate: The amount and period of the shift are used to calculate the orbital velocity, size of the stars, and their distance from one another.
  14. Call: The medication may upset your stomach but if you experience acute abdominal pain call your doctor.
  15. Camera: She reaches for the phone, the camera angles changes and we see Maya standing behind her.
  16. Candidate: The candidate and his manager were also careful not to underestimate the importance of old-fashioned retail politics.
  17. Capability: Well planned and organized coordination doubles and redoubles the combat capability of a combat force package.
  18. Card: The front of the card was pure white, but the writing inside was in blood-red ink.
  19. Care: I was impressed by the care she displayed in making the flower arrangements.
  20. Decide: She also asks them how they want to feel so she can decide which type of massage to offer.
  21. Decrease: Phosphorus deficiency produced the largest increase in root hair density and the biggest decrease in root hair inequality.
  22. Depend: Large-scale tectonic reconstructions depend on linked and reliable geochronology and palaeomagnetic data.
  23. Describe: He doesn’t describe himself as a magician, a sorcerer, a psychic or indeed any of the labels that carry occult baggage.
  24. Design: There is a design of publishing the history of architecture, with its several improvements and decays.
  1. Duty: We have a duty as moral and just people, to educate other farangs who ride the buses.
  2. Accept: You must accept the apology of your juniors.
  3. Accuse (Accusation): Maria was accused of stealing stuff from the mega-store.
  4. Achieve (Achievement): When you work, you would be able to achieve some remarkable results.
  5. Acknowledge: (Acknowledgement): She was acknowledged for receiving assistance in medical science.
  6. Begin: The leaves of the banyan tree begin to fall in the autumn season.
  7. Behave: You must be able to behave yourself in any situation.
  8. Belong: In the meadows, there is a bicycle that belongs to Mohan.
  9. Blow: You must not blow the horn at such a volume.
  10. Choose: How will choose between a good writer and a bad writer?
  11. Chop: Chopping down trees has increased these days.
  12. Commit: You should have been careful before commiting this kind of mistake.
  13. Communicate: Communication skill is very important these days.
  14. Demand: You must be in demand these days.
  15. Deny: Why did she deny for taking the money?
  16. Depend: You must not depend on anyone anymore.
  17. Describe: It was difficult for John to describe how painful it was.
  18. Deserve: Your group didn’t deserve to win.

There are some more words that can is listed into the verbs in the form of the base form, past simple, past participle. Sometimes it might happen that it is in the form of 3rd person singular and present participle/gerund form.

For becoming a great writer, you must practice and learn each word while not ignoring to use the dictionary to get the meaning of those words. You will be able to enlarge the vocabulary and gain the confidence to talk English.

Final Word:

With this session, you can easily learn and get command of the basic English words which will help you in reading a newspaper or magazine and having a proper conversation in English. 

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