Top 50 Christian Baby Name List

Christian Baby Boy Names List

Sr. No.Christian Baby Boy NamesSuggested Meaning
1AdrianBlessed with immense strength
2GerardStrong and brave-hearted
3NathanA gift from God
4ZachariasFavoured by God
5ArneAs powerful as an eagle
6FelixHappy and incredibly fortunate
7IsaacBringer of joy and laughter
8KaneThe son of a mighty warrior
9JoshuaIncredibly generous
10MalcolmDisciplined and devoted to God
11TheoGod’s precious gift
12SamuelThe name of a King in the bible, it’s amongst the most popular biblical boy names
13WilberVery bright and smart
14ElvinA noble friend
15NorbertSomebody who is brilliant
16SimonOne of Jesus’ disciples, it’s amongst the most common biblical boy names
17OwenNoble and a young warrior
18RichardPowerful and brave
19VincentA mighty conqueror
20BrianStrong and honourable
22KeithOne of the most popular Christian baby boy names, it means spontaneous
23ShaneGracious and kind
24RalphWise and intelligent

Christian Baby Girl Names List

Sr. No.Christian Baby Girl NamesSuggested Meaning
1DanicaMorning star
2KaaraPristine and pure
3QuinnWise and knowledgeable
5RuthVision of beauty
6DavinaCherished and loved
8OliviaSymbol of peace
10AllegraCheerful and lively
11GabriellaDevoted to God
13SophiaVery wise
14TabithaBeautiful and graceful
15ValerieOne with great power
16RoxanneBright star
17BethanyHouse of song
18DianaPerfect or full or light
19LillianInnocent, pure and very beautiful
20Sera, Sara or SarahMy princess
21BerniceA bringer of victory
22AbigailHer father’s joy
23JulianaYouthful and full of energy

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