Basic English Vocabulary List: You Must Need To Know

Verbs with example phrase

beBe happy.
haveHave a good day.
doDo the work.
saySay, “Hello.”
getGet to work.
makeMake some food.
goGo for a drive.
knowI know a lot.
takeTake a number.
seeI can see.
comeCome to me.
thinkI think so.
lookLook at that.
wantI want to eat.
giveGive me a gift.
useUse a fork.
findFind the answer.
tellTell your story.
askAsk a question.
workI work hard.
seemYou seem lost.
feelI feel happy.
tryTry again.
leaveI will leave.
callCall me.

Nouns with example phrase

personThis person is happy.
manThe man is nice.
womanThe woman is young.
childThe child is small.
timeThe time is 7am.
yearThe year is 2019.
weekA week is 7 days.
dayThis is a good day.
wayCome this way.
thingWhat is that thing?
worldThe world is big.
lifeLife is good.
handMy hand is clean.
partI like this part.
eyeMy eye is open.
placeThis is the place.
workMy work is important.
caseUSCIS case number
pointI see your point.
governmentI like the government.
companyHer company is new.
numberThis is my number.
groupThe group is big.
problemI have a problem.
factThat is a fact.

Adjectives with example phrase

goodGood work.
newIt is a new day.
firstThis is my first job.
lastThat was last time.
longIt was a long way.
greatShe is a great boss.
littleI have a little car.
ownI want my own home.
otherI like the other place.
oldIt is an old house.
rightThis is the right number.
bigIt was a big group.
highIt is a high number.
differentI have a different time.
smallIt is a small world.
largeThat is a large place.
nextThat is next week.
earlyI like early lunch.
youngHe is a young child.
importantShe is an important person.
fewGive me a few days.
publicIt is a public place.
badYou have a bad problem.
sameCome at the same time.
ableI am able to work.

Prepositions with example phrase

toGo to work
ofa lot of people
inGet in place
forCome for the day
onBe on time
withStay with my child
atGood at work
byWait by the car
fromI am from New York
upGo up to the place
aboutTell me about life
intoCome into work soon
overGo over there next week
afterCall me after work

Other common vocabulary : With example phrase

thethe child
andman and woman
aa day
thatthat place
II like you
itIt is nice.
notNot my place
heHe is nice.
asas a child
youYou are nice
thisThis is the place
butBut not today
hisHis car
theyThey are here
herHer mother
sheShe is nice
orYes or no
anan eye for an eye
willI will call you
myMy first job.
oneOne at a time
allAll the same
wouldI would like that
thereThere is a place to stay
theirTheir home is nice

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